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What to avoid when doing your own Search Engine Optimization.

Welcome to PROFSEO.EU,
to start with, lets talk about how SEO increases your sales and makes you money from your online presence (Your Website).
Like the image below, people are searching in Google, then, if you have done a good SEO of your website, they find Your Website and buy your products or services you provide.
Thus you make money, it's as simple as that.

High search engine rankings are the best way to get more website customers and make more sales than before.
Having free high search engine rankings is the secret to success of your online business.
And this is what we help you to do. GET FREE HIGH SEARCH ENGINE RANKINGS.

 Your potential clients are on the Internet and they have money.

People spend massive amounts of money online. These people can be your customers. Most of the Internet users worldwide search for their needs through the use of search engines like, Google,Bing,Yahoo and many others, Why not make them YOUR CLIENTS

 Search Engine Optimization makes it certain that your clients find your website instead of the Websites of your competition.
Wouldn't that be a pity, loosing them to your competition, because of non existent SEO on your website.
Search engine users are some of the most skilled and enthusiastic customers that your website can ever have. And guess what they are FREE (Organic Traffic).
They have taken the initiative to hunt for online resources on certain topics or products, and then they click on your link to learn more and then eventually buy from you.

  PROFSEO.EU helps you to get your website right infront of these interested customers who want to buy from you, without you spending a fortune for SEO.

Click here and see how affordable SEO can be.

So, why do you have to optimize your Website?

Lets see what will happen if you don't optimize your Website.
In short it will be invisible to most of your potential customers, and you will not make any money with it.
Now lets see the longer version :
If you do not optimize your website, then it will not get high rankings on Google or other search engines.

Unfortunatlly not all websites can have high rankings.

There are enormous amounts of webpages on the Internet. It's apparent that not all of them can be listed on the first page results on Google.

Search engines only list web pages that they find related to a special keyword or key phrase, and their content is helpfull to the Internet Users (your potential clients).
You must make certain that your website is this kind of a site. Here is an example.
If search engines cannot find out that your website is about dog training, then they cannot give your website high rankings for that keyword or phrase.

The method of changing your websites so that search engines can find them relevant to your selected keyword or phrase, is called search engine optimization or in short SEO.

If you want to get all the enthusiastic Internet search engine users to be your customers then, Your website should be shown on the first page results of the search engines.

Most visitors, around 75%, of them, never look further than the first page. To quote some experts like, usability expert Jakob Nielsen who points out that: "Users almost never look beyond the second page of search results." or Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Marketing Columnist, he puts it this way: "Being listed 11 or beyond means that many people may miss your website." For that fact, search engine optimization is crucial if you want to be successful with monetizing your website. And PROFSEO.EU makes search engine optimization as easy and as affordable as possible just for you.

What to avoid when you do Search Engine Optimization on your own

Avoid aggresive SEO techniques, otherwise called
Black-Hat SEO techniques.

These techniques focus only on the search engines, and may make your website show up faster in search engine results but eventually will ruin your website reputation with them.

This way you force search engine companies  to band your website from their directories and it will be much more difficult to get back in, even if you follow the rules, next time.

So be careful.

Our advice is to use White-Hat SEO.

17 Black-hat SEO techniques to avoid.

  Learn more 

What to follow in your SEO efforts.

White Hat SEO techniques

Follow the rules that have been placed by the Search Engine Companies

White-Hat SEO is the one you should follow, it takes more time to see results but follows the rules which the search engine companies have set in place and is considered to be more for a human audience than just for a search engine spider which just ranks webpages.

Learn more


Our answer to that, is that we provide SEO services to the people that do not have the economical flexibility of larger companies that can employ their own SEO employes, or outsource their SEO needs in huge companies which will respectivlly ask for huge amounts of money, for their services.

Due to the fact that non aggressive SEO (white-hat) is a never ending story and it takes time to show results, 6 months or more depending the project, we believe that a lower rate should be applied to our customers.

In this way they do not need to pay huge amounts of money while waiting for their Return Of Investment (ROI) to show.

What we offer here is a helping hand to those who need their website to reach  the top of the search engine results without spending a fortune in doing so.

Be SMART!!! Spent Low to get High.

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